1. What do we mean when we say that our soaps are all natural?

When we say that our soaps are natural we refer to the fact that our products are garden grown herbs, safe and nontoxic, readily biodegradable, and they are free from artificial colors, fragrances, hardeners, latherers, preservatives, detergents and alcohols.

2. I can't use most soaps because I have sensitive skin. Will I be able to use yours?

Yes, Basically all of our soaps are ideal for sensitive skin, but if you do happen to have hypersensitive skin, certain allergies or prefer to avoid any form of scent, we recommend you try a our unscented bar or even a sample size first.

3. How should I store my soaps?

Our soaps should be stored in a cool and dry location until being used. When using the soap, make sure to proper store it in a way so that it can breathe and get plenty of air flow from all sides in between use. In this way you can prevent it from becoming mushy. We also carry soap dishes that will help.