Meet The Creator's and Sisters


Hippy Latina is our vibe for lovingly hand crafted all natural products for your mind, body and soul.  Made with garden grown herbs from our very own garden. 
Each product has been created to be healing, effective and soothing. Formulation is guided by our constant study of herbs, minerals, and oils. Before we send any product out to you it is cleansed and sent with positive vibes and intentions. Thank you for allowing us to share our passion, and touch lives along.

🖤 Creator Kitty

The love for my family is how I started creating herbal products and wanting to help with issues like eczema, acne, and dry skin. Since I already had a knowledge of certain herbs, and remedies I soon became the creator of my first healing soap. Herbal soap became my passion along with several other herbal products, including face & body oil, Llp balms, face mask, and beard oil. 
It helps that my sister has a beautiful plant/herbal garden in her own backyard, where I am able to have access to almost any herb I need. Working with my sister to create products that help others with their mind, body and soul has been a dream. Together as a team we are Hippy Latina help each other, supporting one another in life and business.  


🖤 Creator Lola

  “The sister with the green thumb infusing Reiki energy in everything we do”