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Body wash-Sweet Lavender

Body wash-Sweet Lavender

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Indulge in the soothing and calming scent of lavender and sweet almond with our Hippy Latina body wash. Our cruelty-free formula will leave your skin feeling refreshed and relaxed. Treat yourself to a luxurious bathing experience today



Botanicals carry allergens in its natural state and may not be well tolerated by individuals with certain sensitivities – natural does not mean it’s safe for all. For example, people who are allergic to nuts should avoid products with nut ingredients such as almond oil or shea butter. We list all ingredients in our soaps for your perusal and if discomfort persists, please discontinue use and seek medical attention.


The images are for reference only. These are handmade items I hand cut and aim for 4 oz. per bar. and as I try my hardest to duplicate batches - it is not always possible so please allow for slight variations.

Regulations set forth by the FDA prohibit bath and body companies from making health-related claims about beauty products. I am not a medical or healthcare professional and do not claim that the use of my products may have a positive effect on pre-existing physical and/or mental health conditions. The information in my listings pertains to the properties of specific ingredients used in the product.


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Moises MOTA
"Indulge in Luxury" Hippy Latina's Sweet Lavender Body Wash - A Must Have!

The Sweet Lavender body wash from the Hippy Latina's line of products is a truly exceptional addition to any skincare routine. This delightful body wash offers a luxurious and rejuvenating experience, with its enchanting sweet lavender aroma creating a moment of tranquility and indulgence with every use. The gentle yet effective formula effortlessly cleanses the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed, nourished, and delicately scented. What sets this product apart is its commitment to natural ingredients, ensuring that it is free from harsh chemicals and additives, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The thoughtfully designed packaging reflects the brand's dedication to sustainability, making it a conscious choice for environmentally aware consumers. In conclusion, the Sweet Lavender body wash embodies luxury, efficacy, and ethical values, making it an essential addition to anyone's daily self-care ritual.